What Kind Of Top Can You Pair With Twill Cotton Joggers?

Posted on: 7 December 2017

Twill cotton joggers are one of the more popular pants options for young men this fall and winter season. If you have purchased a pair or are considering it, you may find yourself wondering what kind of top you can pair with these pants. These pants are versatile and depending on the top, they can be used to create a variety of different looks. Here are three different types of looks you can create with these pants, simply by mixing up the top. 

Hipster Look

If you are going for a hipster or modern look, pair your twill cotton joggers with a cardigan. Twill does have a soft texture to it, so to avoid clashing textures, pick a cardigan that has a thick knit texture to it. This really helps to differentiate the two textures and allow them to play off of each other. Pair the cardigan with a soft v-neck t-shirt and then throw on a few of your favorite accessories, such as Converse tennis shoes and thick eyeglasses, to complete the look. 

Urban Look

Kanye West really helped to make twill cotton joggers mainstream when he collaborated with Fear of God clothing company and created a pair for that line. It makes sense, then, that these pants can be worn to create a urban or hip-hop look. The easiest way to create that style with twill cotton joggers is to pair a large t-shirt with a zip up hoodie. Right now raglan hoodies are popular, so consider this when selecting a hoodie to wear with your pants. Keep the hoodie unzipped and your shirt tucked out, then complete the look with your favorite pair of Jordans or Yeezys. 

Laid-back Look

The last style that you may be going for with your twill cotton joggers is a laid-back, easy going style. If you like to keep things nice and simple, pair your twill cotton joggers with a thermal shirt. This creates a look that is clean and put together, while also being easy and comfortable. To emphasize the laid-back look, pair the outfit with a simple pair of loafers or men's smoking shoes. 

Twill cotton joggers are comfortable and stylish pants for young men. They can be worn with different items to create entirely different looks. If you have a pair or are looking to buy a pair, play around with different kinds of tops to create a variety of different looks and get the most bang for your buck. 


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