3 Advantages Of Upgrading To Modern Wireless Office Printers

Posted on: 8 December 2017

You've probably been using the original office printers in your office for a lot of years with no problems. Even though these printers are a little outdated and still connected to hardwired connections, they seem to do the job. So why would you spend the money to invest in a few new wireless printers? Actually, upgrading to wireless printer connections and modern printers is an excellent move for your workplace environment. Here is a look at a few advantages you can expect when you switch from outdated wired printer to newer wireless versions. 

Telecommute and provide printed documents in the office at the same time. 

With a printer connected wirelessly to one cloud server that all devices in a business can access, it means that documents can be sent from anywhere in the office, but it also means documents can be sent wirelessly from other places. If you have telecommuters on your team or frequently travel for business, you can still have documents uploaded to the cloud and printed to the office printer as they are needed. With wired connections, this is not typically possible because older wired printers don't have the same connectivity capabilities. 

Free the printer from the confines of one location because of proximity to devices. 

Even though you could effectively run wires throughout the building to connect printers to all of the different devices in your office, this is not a feasible setup. This means that most older printers have to be situated close enough to a group of devices so there are not long wires running here and there for connections. With wireless printers, you break free from the confines of having to keep a printer in a certain area. So if you want to tuck the printer into a certain corner or even put it on another floor, it can be done. 

Utilize the security advantages of wireless connections and cloud servers. 

Many business owners assume that wired connections must be more secure than wireless where their printers are concerned. With printers connected to cloud servers wirelessly, it is actually more secure than traditional wired systems. This is because cloud servers operate under strict rules to keep transmitted data secure, especially when they cater to business owners and the data they transmit for printing. Therefore, just by upgrading to new printers with wireless connections, you could be taking a step toward a more secure business operation overall. 

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