3 Tips For Avoiding Problems When Mounting Your TV On The Wall

Posted on: 12 December 2017

If you have seen wall-mounted televisions in other people's homes or in magazines and design blogs, you know how sleek and seamless it looks, and you might have thought about mounting your own television on the wall. It might seem like a simple process, and in some ways it is. However, you might find that you end up facing some challenges that you might not have thought about. These are a few tips that can help you avoid any problems when you mount your television on your wall.

1. Make Sure the Wall Mount is the Right Size

First of all, you shouldn't just purchase the first TV wall mount that you can find. They come in different sizes, so you'll need to purchase one based off of the size of your TV. Don't just pay attention to the actual width and height of your TV, however; different TVs have different weights, and some wall mounts are stronger than others. You will want to make sure that your wall mount is large and strong enough to accommodate your television before you mount it; otherwise, your television could fall off the wall and be seriously damaged later.

2. Set Up a Place for Your TV Equipment

One thing that some people don't think about is where they will put their cable boxes, video game consoles, DVD or BluRay players, and other TV equipment after mounting their televisions on the wall. You will still need a place for these things, so consider installing a tall shelf near where you'll be mounting the TV, or make other arrangements so that you can hook up and store this equipment.

3. Consider Buying an Extended Cord for Your TV

Lastly, the last thing that you probably want to find after going through the process of hanging up your TV is that the power cord will not reach the wall outlet. However, many televisions come with rather short power cords, and once your television is elevated and hung on the wall, you might find that your power cord is too short. Before you tackle your project, you may want to consider taking some measurements. Then, you can determine if you will need to purchase an extended cord for your TV. This can help you ensure that you are able to plug your TV and can prevent you from stretching the TVs power cord too far and potentially causing damage to the cord or the television itself. You can find many options for power cord extensions, like extension cords by Americord

As you can see, there are a few problems that you could face when mounting your TV to your wall. If you follow these three tips, however, you can help ensure that you are ready to tackle the project with minimal problems.


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