Prank Your Spouse On His Birthday

Posted on: 13 December 2017

if your spouse tends to be the comedian in the family and usually catches you off guard with practical jokes and innocent pranks and you are someone who your partner thinks is serious and predictable, take the reins in your hands and pay your spouse back by surprising him with some off-color scenarios on his birthday that will be sure to have him bewildered and asking himself if what he is experiencing is truly happening. 

Purchase A Wig And Faux Tattoo Sleeves

If you have had the same hairstyle for several years and are opposed to making changes with your appearance, purchasing a wig that is styled in a manner that you find to be outrageous is the first order of business to surprise your spouse.

A wig that is styled with a mohawk or one that has short, spiky strands of hair that are a bright color will be sure to catch the attention of your spouse and make him think you have lost your mind. Purchase faux tattoo sleeves to cover your arms. Sleeves that contain offensive pictures and words or large designs that are gaudy will do the trick.

Before your spouse arrives home from work on his birthday, get dressed in one of your husband's favorite short-sleeved outfits and put the tattoo sleeves and wig on. Dim the lights in your home and sit down on a couch or chair as you wait for your husband to walk through the door. When he sees you, tell him that you were bored and decided to change your appearance.

Bake A Batch Of Cupcakes And Give Your Spouse A Trick One

Bake a standard batch of cupcakes that are your husbands favorite kind and one trick cupcake that has salt, paprika, and garlic powder mixed in the batter. Frost all of the cupcakes with normal frosting. After dinner, carry the tray of cupcakes into the dining room.

Be sure to serve your husband the trick cupcake and serve yourself one of the normal cupcakes. As your husband bites into his cupcake, he will be shocked to taste a blend of strong spices. Eat your cupcake and maybe even a second one to demonstrate to your husband that you like them and to confuse him even further.

Pretend That You Have Made A Deal To Sell Your Home

Ask a close friend or co-worker if they would be willing to help you prank your husband. If so, tell them that you want to trick your husband into believing that you have made a deal with someone to sell your home.Have the person call your residence and ask to speak to your husband. They can say that they would like to tour the residence again and that they are looking forward to moving in as soon as possible. Your husband may refute what the caller is saying and may even begin to get mad if the caller is persistent enough.

After your husband gets off the phone, let him know about all of the pranks and tell him that you merely wanted to get him back for the jokes he has played on you in the past. If your partner is a good sport, he will laugh and be impressed that you tricked him so well. To learn more about joke gift ideas, contact a company like Mongofun!


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