The Basics Of Buying Pre-Owned Engagement Rings

Posted on: 13 December 2017

If you and your significant other have started talking about the potential for wedding bells, it's time to consider what kind of engagement ring you'll wear. While there are lots of different rings available in the retail market, you may want to take time to consider a pre-owned ring first. Don't be turned off by the concept, because there's more to pre-owned engagement rings than you think. Here's what you should know before you buy.

Understanding Pre-Owned Jewelry Terms

When you start looking at pre-owned jewelry, you're going to come across a couple of different terms. While you might assume they all mean basically the same thing, there are differences. Understanding what you're looking at is important, so you should thoroughly understand the terms that are associated with these pieces.

A second-hand ring is simply a ring that's been purchased by someone else before. It doesn't even have to have been during any period of time. They could have bought it a week ago, but it will still be second-hand when you buy it.

Estate rings are those that have been not only purchased by someone else previously, but also worn by that customer. You can find these in many estate sales. Vintage rings, on the other hand, are estate rings that are more than two decades old. When a vintage ring reaches between 80 and 100 years old, or older, it's then referred to as an antique ring.

Understanding The Benefits Of Pre-Owned Jewelry

There are many benefits to buying pre-owned jewelry. Sure, sometimes it's cheaper than buying brand new, but even when it isn't, you may find it worthwhile.

Older rings were manufactured differently to the ones that are commercially available now. Not only do you find many different types of stones, not just diamonds, but they are more unique. You'll find rings with emeralds, rubies, and even sapphires used as engagement rings in years past. And since jewelry was manufactured with more personal touches, you don't have the mass-production with many of the same ring out there. If you want an engagement ring that you won't see on someone else's hand as well, a pre-owned ring that's older is a great way to go.

Things To Consider When Buying Pre-Owned Jewelry

Make sure that you have any pre-owned jewelry carefully inspected before you purchase it. Especially when you're buying older, unique pieces, you need to be sure the setting is secure and the ring is in good condition. You can work with a jewelry repair specialist to have the setting checked and tightened if necessary, but you won't know if it needs it without having it inspected by them first.


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