Are You Shopping For A History Buff?

Posted on: 17 December 2017

Is somebody on your Christmas list a lover of all that is History? If so, giving him or her history related gifts will show that you have given the gift a great deal of thought. From selecting history-based coffee table books to selecting replica coins, here are some ideas that might inspire you to give just the right gift.

History Books - Your history-loving gift recipient probably already has many textbooks about different periods of history. Consider buying other types of history books that will bring the textbooks to life. For example, buy books like Gone With The Wind or The Winds Of War that depict history in novel form. Another idea is to select coffee table books with wonderful pictures that depict different times of history. If you are wanting to buy a large gift, consider giving a set of coffee table books. For example, buy a coffee table book that depicts furniture from the Civil War days or houses from the days of the American Revolution. 

Replica Coins - As you consider the kind of gift you want to give to a person who loves history, consider looking for replica coins. There are so many types of replica coins for sale that you might have trouble choosing which ones to purchase. Try to find out the time of history that the gift recipient likes most. For example, if he or she is super interested in the history of the United States, buy coins that depict things like the American frontier and presidents of the United States. Another idea is to start a collection. For example, start the recipient of the gift with a coin, or several coins, of the fifty states, with the suggestion that more can be added to the collection.

If you do buy replica coins, think of giving an extra gift. For example, if you are helping the recipient to start a collection of replica coins, think of giving him or her a special book in which to hold them. If you are buying just one coin, consider having it framed. Several coins would go nicely in a shadow box with a historical theme as the background for the coins. 

Whether you give books or replica coins or anything else that represents a love of history, consider writing a note to go with your gift. Perhaps you could include some pertinent facts that relate to the coin, or coins, you have selected. Contact a company, like Whispering Dreams Pewter, for more ideas.


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