Accessories To Help Make Your Experience As A Travel Trailer Owner Better

Posted on: 17 January 2018

Once you buy a travel trailer, there are many items and accessories you can buy to make your camping trips more enjoyable. Here are three accessories that you may consider adding to your equipment to make your camping trips much easier and to make being a travel trailer owner more simple.

Hitch Cover

As an owner of a travel trailer, there will be times when you leave your trailer at home and drive your truck without the hitch in place. In these times, you will want to protect the drawbar receiving tube from collecting debris and moisture that can cause rust and erosion. A hitch cover will protect the connection on your hitch to keep it cleaned and ready for the next time you connect your trailer, and it will improve the appearance of your truck's bumper.

There are many types and styles of hitch covers and various sizes to fit within your receiving tube. This allows you to choose one that fits your needs and give your truck the look you want.

Portable Generator

Not every location you park your travel trailer in to spend a night or two has electrical hookups to power all the components inside your travel trailer. Many beautiful and remote locations that are off the beaten path will have no electricity. This can make it difficult to complete necessary tasks inside your camper that require electricity, such as pumping water to the sink to wash your hands and switching on a light to see at night. Your camper's batteries only hold and store so much electrical charge.

Once your camper's batteries are drained, you can plug in and start up your generator to recharge your batteries. A portable generator is small enough that you can put it in the back of your truck while you haul you travel trailer to your remote camping location. And because you most likely have no nearby neighbors, they won't be annoyed if you run your generator to recharge your camper's batteries.

Rear Camper Cargo Carrier

When camping with a travel trailer, you may want to bring extra equipment that may not fit inside your camper's storage. If your travel trailer is a fifth-wheel trailer, which hitches to the bed of your truck for hauling it, the hitch can take up space in the truck bed you would normally use to carry extras that can't fit in your camper's storage areas.

To give yourself some extra carrying space for items, you can add a rear camper cargo carrier or a rear trailer hitch and rack to carry extras. A rear trailer hitch and rack helps you to carry and safely secure these items while you travel to your camping destination. You can have a rear hitch installed on your trailer at a local RV retailer so you can install and use a removable rack.


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