Building And Furnishing A Wooden Doll House For Your Child

Posted on: 25 May 2018

There is nothing quite like handmade wooden toy dollhouses for a child. The quality and durability of the dollhouse can make it a toy that gets passed down from generation to generation over the years and can offer hours of enjoyment for girls and boys alike. Building the dollhouse can be a large project but if you are going to do it, why not furnish it with things that are as durable and detailed as the house itself?

Working From Plans

There are a lot of dollhouse plans available that will give you very specific instructions and details just like if you were building a full-sized home. The plans are often available for a small fee, and if you are an experienced woodworker, you might find it a pretty straightforward project. The plans can often be so detailed that even the interior is laid out for you. If you are not comfortable in the wood shop, it might be something you want to have built or find one already assembled. There are kits that are a good way for a beginner to build a nice house as well.

Furnishing Your Dollhouse

Once you have the dollhouse built, you need to furnish it. No dollhouse is complete without all the little chairs, tables, and people that go inside, right? There are some great furnishings available, many of them made of wood, that make a great addition to your project and complete the feel of the dollhouse. Detailing things like the kitchen in the house with little wooden plates, cups, table, and chairs, and even appliances are great details to make the house a little more realistic for the child that is playing with it.

Finding The Right Accessories

Finding the right toys to go with the dollhouse can involve a little searching, but there are many companies that make wooden toys and furnishings to fit your needs. A quick search with your favorite internet search engine is likely to turn up quite a few businesses you never knew were there or places to get the furnishings that you might not have yet considered. Take a little time to look at what you find out there. You want to make sure it is safe and will fit in the house.

Generally, wooden toys are safe for kids but make sure the paint used on them is not lead-based or that there are not parts that are so small that a toddler might think they would be great to swallow or chew on. Some accessories may be better for the child that you are building the house for so keep them in mind as you build and furnish the house. After all, what good is a toy that will last for years, if it is not safe enough for children of all ages?


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