3 Benefits Of Recovering Your Favorite Chair With Leather

Posted on: 20 July 2018

Most people have a favorite chair. Whether it sits in their family room or is a part of their man cave, this chair is the go-to piece of furniture for comfort and relaxation. Over time, upholstery fades, stains, and begins to smell, so there may come a point where your favorite chair needs to be tossed into the trash. Fortunately, recovering your chair with a new material can help you keep it in your house. This guide will help you understand the real benefits of recovering your favorite chair with leather hide.

Extended Lifespan

From sitting for long periods of time over the years to eating on the chair and reclining, your favorite chair has most likely experienced a great deal of abuse over time. Unfortunately, most fabrics used on chairs are not meant to survive with basic use, let alone constant abuse.

Recovering it with leather hide is an excellent option if you want to extend the lifespan of your chair. It is incredibly durable. In most cases, the material can last a lifetime. While family members may request that you dispose of your favorite chair, recovering it in leather will ensure you can continue enjoying it indefinitely.

Improved Comfort

Your favorite chair is your favorite chair for a reason. It is obviously comfortable and it has conformed to your body's shape, size, and weight over the years, making it customized to your specific level of comfort and needs.

Again, over time, the upholstery of your favorite chair will stain and wear down, decreasing the softness and cushioning that makes it so comfortable. Replacing this old, worn upholstery with soft, supple leather will make your chair comfortable again. Actually, most people who recover upholstered chairs with leather feel the soft and smooth texture of leather makes their favorite chair even more comfortable.

Versatile Appeal

Your favorite chair may have been considered an eyesore to other members of the household. It may be a color that does not match any other furnishings or it may have a patterned upholstery that does not complement anything in the home. If the upholstery is dirty and stained, the chair will be even more unpleasant to look at.

Most types of leather match other furnishings well due to its neutral earth tones and natural appeal. By recovering the chair in leather, you are not only improving the look of the chair, but you are also improving the appeal of the rest of the room.

Improved durability, an extended lifespan, increased comfort, and added appeal are all benefits of recovering your old, worn, yet favorite, chair with leather. 


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