3 Types Of Gear You May Have To Wear As A Police Officer

Posted on: 4 September 2018

If you are thinking about joining the police task force then you know just how much of a physical and emotional commitment it is. Police officers rarely get a day off, put their lives at risk, and don't get paid as much as they probably should, but they are definitely a part of our society that helps keep us safe. If you have never really worked on a police task force before, then you may not know what you can expect; especially when it comes to what things you'll have to wear. Before your first day of training, you may want to be familiar with some of the clothing and gear you may have to wear. This article will take a closer look at three pieces of gear that every officer should be familiar with. 

Police Helmets

A police helmet isn't always necessary unless you're working in some sort of team like a SWAT team or in some sort of other task force. The great thing about police helmets is that they are usually equipped with things like face shields so that you don't' get punched in the face if you are dealing with some especially hostile people. Just like with any helmet, make sure that you put your police helmet on securely so that it doesn't fall off. 

Bullet Proof Vests

You may not always have to wear a bulletproof vest unless you are working in an area that has a lot of violent crime. If you have never worn a bulletproof vest before then you may not know what it feels like. Typically bullet-proof vests just feel like a really thick layer that you're wearing at all tie and may feel a little restrictive sometimes but it's something that you'll get used to the longer you are out on the police force. 

Police Duty Belt

A police duty belt is what you will wear in order to hold all of the things that you need to protect yourself like pepper spray, a flashlight, handcuffs, and a walkie-talkie. The great thing about a police duty belt is that they are heavy duty so they can hold a lot of weight without them falling. And, as long as you wear it right on your hips, you shouldn't have to worry about it feeling heavy on your body or uncomfortable. 

To learn more about this type of gear, contact a company that specializes in it today. 


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