Purchase A Pre-Owned Piano That Is In Good Shape

Posted on: 30 December 2018

A piano is a beautiful instrument that can be used to play lighthearted melodies, somber tones that are rich and abrupt, or classic showtunes that remind you of your days as a performer in high school plays. Because pianos can be costly, depending upon the model and materials that were used to construct the instrument, research pre-owned pianos and look for a deal that you are not willing to pass up on.

Decide What Type Of Piano To Purchase

If you have not received formal training to play a piano and are going to be taking lessons, maybe you would like to start out with a classic upright piano. An upright model is a fairly standard piano style and this type of piano would make a great addition to your recreation space or living room. Because an upright piano has a straight backing, you can move this type of piano against a wall if you are short on space.

If you are a seasoned piano player and would really like to hone your skills by practicing on a larger model that is a little bit "showy," then maybe a baby grand or a grand piano would suit you. These styles are majestic in appearance and are noted for a top piece that is suspended behind the keyboard.

When the top is lifted up, the sounds that are produced are emitted through the opening, providing a player and audience with sounds that envelop the room where the music is being played.

Choose A Material And Look Over Each Model

After choosing the style that you prefer, you need to decide upon the material that the casing is constructed of. A spruce or basewood casing, for instance, could be scratched up or dull in appearance if a previous owner was negligent with their piano.

Heavy usage of a piano could also result in piano keys becoming stuck or lacking a shiny coating. If you choose to purchase a high quality piano, ebony and ivory strips will adorn its keys. The keys will need to be inspected to ensure that none of the strips are coming loose.

Be prepared to scrutinize each piano in entirety and ask respective owners about the frequency that an instrument was played, the last time that a piano was tuned, any problems that were encountered during the course of an ownership, and proof of how much was paid when an instrument was brand new. Ask to play each piano for a few minutes so that you can listen to the sounds that are produced by pressing the keys.

If you are worried about buying a piano from a stranger who has listed their instrument in a local paper, then reach out to music teachers or instrument shop owners to inquire about pre-owned pianos that they are interested in selling. 


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