Purchase New Hiking Shoes For An Upcoming Camping Trip

Posted on: 5 June 2019

If your husband is an avid outdoorsman and he has invited you along for your very first camping expedition next month, you will need to brace yourself for uneven terrain, inclement weather, and natural bodies of water. One the most important things to choose for the trip is the shoes that you will be wearing. Purchase a pair of women's hiking shoes that are comfortable and built to hold up under strenuous conditions.

Hiking Shoes Vary

Some shoes are designed for light walking and work best if the wearer won't be carrying heavy bags or equipment. These type of hiking shoes often feature a nylon or mesh exterior, rubber sole, and cushioned interior. The components that this particular type of hiking shoe is constructed of are designed to dry quickly and provide ventilation to the feet. They are flexible, which will ensure that comfort is maintained.

Another type of hiking shoe is one that is constructed of a leather or suede shell. Leather and suede are both excellent at repelling water and they maintain their shape. A thicker sole may be attached to this type of hiking shoe, which will provide sturdiness that is needed while carrying heavy loads or climbing rocky surfaces that contain crevices and jagged edges.

Leather or suede hiking shoes often cover the ankles, but there are lower-cut models that resemble a standard walking shoe and that won't put as much pressure on the top of the feet. There are also hiking shoes that contain a waterproof membrane.

The membrane will withstand water, which will prevent wear and tear to a pair of shoes. The only drawback with a waterproof membrane is that ventilation will be compromised, which could cause your feet to get hot and sweaty if you will be hiking for a long duration.

Shoes Should Be Tried On And Broken In

Determine what type of shoes you need, either ones for light or extensive walking and hiking. While at a shoe store, you will see hiking shoes broken down into categories, depending upon the type of shoe and material that each pair of footwear is constructed of.

Try on several pairs of shoes and walk a little bit with each pair on. Notice how heavy the footwear is and the level of flexibility that the inner and outer soles possess. After purchasing a pair of shoes, break them in. Wear your hiking shoes around your home or while running errands. This will help you get used to the footwear.


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