Benefits Of Choosing An Amethyst Table With A Natural Shape

Posted on: 10 October 2019

If you're keen on adding an amethyst table to your home or place of work, you'll ideally be able to visit a furniture store that has a variety of such tables available. Known for their unique purple colors and sparkly nature, amethyst tables can add plenty of visual appeal to the space around them. As you evaluate the different tables that are for sale, you'll likely notice some that are square or rectangular, and some that have more of a natural shape that is consistent with the amethyst itself. Here are some reasons that the latter shape of table is a better choice.

It Looks More Natural

Things in nature aren't generally perfect squares or rectangles, which means that any large chunk of amethyst is going to be an unusual shape. When you choose a table that has this appearance, it offers more of a natural look to your home or place of work. Many people favor decorations that appear natural rather than highly processed, and an amethyst table with a curvy appearance can definitely fit this description. There's something powerful about seeing this natural substance in a natural manner.

It Adds Visual Softness

Visually, pieces of furniture and decorations that are curvy can help to add softness to the space in which they sit. Your home or place of work may have a variety of things with square corners — end tables, artwork, and other elements may be square or rectangular. Adding a piece with natural curves can provide a contrast to the elements with straight lines and square corners. When you choose an amethyst table that has a natural shape, you may find that the room in which this table sits takes on more of a soft feel.

It Reduces The Risk Of Injury

You might not be thinking about injuring yourself when you shop for an amethyst table, but it's never a bad idea to consider which tables pose a risk to you and your family members. Those that are square have sharp corners, which can pose a threat. For example, if the space around the table is slightly confined, you may need to walk close to it as you pass — and this can mean that you occasionally bump your lower legs into it. If you have children, they may occasionally play around the table and bump into its corners, too. An amethyst table with smooth, rounded edges will pose less of an injury risk.


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