Where Can You Go To Sell Your Gold For Cash?

Posted on: 2 December 2019

Right now, you might have some various gold coins, gold jewelry pieces, and other similar items, and you could be hoping that you can sell them so that you can turn them into cash. You might have heard of other people selling their gold for cash, and you could be wondering how you can do the same thing. There are actually a few places that you can look to for help with this, including the popular options listed here.

Pawn Shop

If you have never visited your local pawn shop, you are probably really missing out. A pawn shop provides you with a great opportunity to buy or sell used items, and you can also take out cash loans from these businesses. Many pawn shops will pay you cash on the spot for any gold items that you might want to sell, whether you have gold coins, gold necklaces, or other gold items. If you would prefer, you can also typically put the value of your gold items toward something else that you might want to purchase from the pawn shop, such as a TV or a diamond engagement ring. Going to a pawn shop to sell your gold is typically an easy, quick option, and you can use this as an opportunity to sell other items that you might not want as well, such as old musical instruments or electronics.

In-Person Gold Buyer

Some gold buyers actually set up brick-and-mortar shops so that they can easily buy gold from people who live in the community. If you have one of these shops in your area, you can stop in to sell your gold items for cash on the spot. Typically, the gold buyer will verify that your gold is real and weigh it out. Then, you will get paid based off of the value of gold at the time that you sell and the weight of the gold that you get rid of.

Online or Mail Gold Buyer

It is possible to sell your gold items without ever having to leave the house. There are some gold buyers who operate solely online or through the mail. You will have to wait a little while longer when selling gold this way, since you will have to wait until your gold arrives at its destination and is processed there. This can be a convenient option if you aren't in a big hurry or if you don't have any gold buyers in your local area, though.


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