Is Your Best Friend A Star Trek Fan? 3 Benefits Of Giving Them Collectible Pins As A Gift

Posted on: 21 February 2020

Having a best friend who is obsessed with Star Trek has its perks. You always know what to bring up when conversation topics run dry, and asking them even the simplest question about their favorite show is a definite way to lift their mood on a bad day. Their love for the series also gives you an easy starting point for coming up with gifts to celebrate their special moments. However, you may have started to run out of new ideas for themed items that will suit your best friend's personal interest. In this case, you should know these benefits of giving them Star Trek collectible pins on their next big occasion.

Show Them That You Embrace Their Passion

People who love Star Trek can sometimes worry that they talk too much about their favorite show. While they can easily talk about the characters and plot of each episode for hours, they may also worry about overdoing it. Giving your best friend a gift that represents what they love shows that you truly care about their passion, even if you are only just beginning to understand what the excitement is all about.

Avoid Duplicating Things They Already Own

Fans of the series tend to get tons of t-shirts. Your best friend may already own other collectibles such as action figures, comics, and videos. The last thing you want to do is bring something to the party that they already have in their collection. Pins are a unique item that many fans of the show do not already own. For this reason, you can bet that your friend will be surprised and delighted to start working on a new part of their collection.

Create a Special Gifting Tradition

Giving your best friend a pin gives you a starting point for an annual tradition. You can simply pick up a new pin that represents a different character or spaceship every time you need a gift. This helps take the stress out of gift giving, and your best friend will love seeing what you bring to them next.

Consider Giving Them a Collection

Star Trek pins can also be found already put into a displayable collection. This is an option that you might want to explore if your best friend is the type to prefer having a complete set of pins to put on display. If you do this route, then choose a high quality set of pins that can be placed in a beautiful frame that your best friend can put on their wall.


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