3 Deocration Ideas For A Wagon Wheel Planter Display

Posted on: 12 October 2020

A rustic wagon wheel planter display includes an oversized wooden wagon wheel with multiple planter pots spread around the circumference of the wheel. When you buy wagon wheel planter display pieces for your garden, the whole piece can become the focal point for your outdoor area.

Brainstorm ideas and use some of the following design options when you decide to decorate a wagon wheel planter display.

1. Colorful Plants

A typical wagon wheel planter will include four different planters connected around the wheel design. You can use the design to plant a different-colored plant in each pot. Once the flowers grow and bloom you can enjoy the vast array of colors featured in the pots.

You could also create a colored pattern. For example, if you have four pots, you can alternate between red and yellow flowers. When the flowers grow and bloom, you will have a nicely patterned display. Each year, you can select different color themed based off your favorite colors, favorite team colors, or for a festive design based on a holiday like the Fourth of July.

To help save time, you can purchase greenhouse planters that have already grown and place them directly inside the pots.

2. Fairy Gardens

Create a highly detailed display on the wagon wheel by turning each planter into a fairy garden. All of the planters will combine to create a unique fairy world that connects through the wagon wheel design.

Fill the bottom of each planter with soil or foam so the materials fill up a majority of the planter. Add in fairy decorations including miniature houses and small fairy statues. You can create a theme for each planter. For example, one could feature a collection of fairy homes, another could feature small fairy shops like books stores.

As you shop for fairy garden accessories, visualize different ways to set up the fairy gardens all around the wagon wheel. You can slowly build your collection and create a unique display for your garden.

3. Fruits & Vegetables

The use of a wagon wheel planter display gives you a lot of options for planting edible plants like fruits and vegetables. Many smaller plants will fit inside the planters and keep them separate from each other. For example, you could plant strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, and blueberries in separate pots.

Not only do they create a nice visual and give you easy access, but the height of the wagon wheel prevents pests like rabbits from chewing on your plants and destroying all of the edible foods you grew.

If you end up liking more than just one idea, you could also purchase additional wagon wheel planter displays and execute them all to create a fun garden vibe. For more information about how to style a wagon wheel planter display, contact a local seller.


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