Pittsburgh T-Shirt Designs To Purchase Besides Football Team Designs

Posted on: 3 October 2022

When you shop online for Pittsburgh t-shirts, you will most likely come across a wide range of shirts based on the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers. While the Steelers have a wide range of unique and fun t-shirt designs, you could shop for other ways to represent the famous Pennsylvania city.

Check out some of the alternate design options you can find when you shop for Pittsburgh tee shirts.

Pittsburgh Lingo Shirts 

Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas are known for a unique dialect that locals have passed on for generations. When spelling out on shirts, you can wear a unique design with fun phrases that represent the dialect and some of the more common terms used in the area.

Look for shirts with the word "Yinz" used on them. The term typically replaces words like "you" or "you'll". You can find the word used on funny quote shirts that represent the Pittsburgh area. Sometimes the lingo is paired with other common Pittsburgh themes like perogies.

Pittsburgh Landmark Shirts

Besides the stadium where the Steelers play, the city has a wide range of other landmarks that you can proudly display on a t-shirt design. For example, you could purchase a t-shirt with the image of the Fort Pitt Bridge. Other graphic t-shirt designs may include an overhead view of the city.

Some designs may include a modern-day map of Pittsburgh that points out specific areas, landmarks, and tourist attractions. If you have a particular landmark in mind, then you can likely find a t-shirt with the design element on it. Some feature direct pictures while others may include a simplistic outline of the landmark.

Pittsburgh Penguins Shirts

The Steelers are not the only professional sports team in the city. If you're a fan of hockey, then you can find a wide range of hockey shirts that depict the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins. The shirts can include the penguin mascot and the name of the team. Some t-shirts may feature a jersey design and include a specific player number and name on the back.

The team colors include black and gold so the t-shirt designs will often infuse those colors. You could find shirts with a black base and many gold features. You could also find a shirt with a heavy gold theme and black logo letters.

Shop around to find Pittsburgh t-shirts that fit your style and match specific design themes you want to purchase.


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