Round Rugs Might Make A Great Addition To Your Decor

Posted on: 19 April 2023

Are you looking to switch things up with the decor in your home? Are you looking to replace one or more carpets or rugs as part of this process? One option in particular that might be a good fit for specific settings would be to pick up a few round rugs. The properties provided by some round rugs might be just what you need for a certain room in your house. Here's why you should seek out this type of rug from a local store or supplier.

Reduce Sharp Angles

Round rugs might be a little more pleasing to the eye than rectangular rugs, especially when used to break up the sharp angles of a room filled with certain types of furniture like a long sofa or couch. It can add a different kind of vibe but still match up with your interior design. Some people may feel that the round angles are a bit more welcoming than a rug with sharp angles, making round rugs a popular choice for foyers or in front of the door where you invite people into your home.

Round Rugs Can Blend In Anywhere

Assuming you get a rug crafted from high-quality materials, you can put a rug almost anywhere. The unique size makes the rug easy to drop onto the floor anywhere you like. A wool or cotton rug is a good fit for indoors but you can get one with synthetic materials that will be just fine out on the deck or somewhere else outdoors. You can slide a round rug partially under furniture or place it out in the center of the room as a visual addition to the room.

Less Surface Area Makes It Easier to Clean

It's relatively easy to keep round rugs clean simply because they tend to be smaller with less fabric to take care of than a traditional rectangular-shaped rug. You can quickly vacuum the rug or use a spot treatment. Some rugs might be durable enough to even toss into the washer and dryer, but make sure you read the label and washing instructions first.

Round Rugs Can Be Relocated Easily

Because of a round rug's smaller size, it doesn't have to be a long-term commitment. You can experiment with the rug in different rooms and then simply just pick it up and put it somewhere else if you like. This may be a better option than installing wall-to-wall carpet which is permanent.

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